York Nights workshop

31st August 2015

During the winter months this is especially accessible - starting in the early evening we will spend a few hours exploring some great locations for low light city photography before heading inside for a drink whilst I demonstrate a few of the techniques used in the processing. This workshop will include the basics of camera settings, using a remote/cable release, learning to handle noise in low light, how to deal with bright spots (streetlamps, etc.) and give you a tour of some favourite views and locations.
This will include a few miles of walking and standing around in the cold - so make sure to wrap up warm. A tripod is essential, a DSLR with lenses covering wide to mid-telephoto highly recommended (I may be able to cover this, just warn me beforehand) and a remote release will be very useful.
  • Book your own 1-1 workshop: £80 for the 4hrs (inc. post processing), or just £70 for the 3hrs.
  • Small group (upto 4 people): £70 each for the 4hrs.

There are currently no dates set for this in the coming months, but plenty of dates free should you wish to organise this trip out. Drop me a message if you're interested in either of these and I'll get back to you right away.

A list of locations we may visit, among others, are York Minster (various views), the Shambles, Stonegate, Lendal Bridge, Skeldergate Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, Clifford's Tower and various locations along the walls.