Brymor: The Golden Ticket

28th November 2015
A little while ago I was informed that I'd won a Facebook competition (one of a lucky five out of a thousand entries) to take a trip up to the ice cream parlour for a tour and chance to create my own flavour. After a little thought, I decided to create something using the best Wensleydale has to offer... linking the top and bottom of the valley... 'Wensleydale and ginger cheesecake' flavour ice cream. Up at the creamery they make this cheesecake and we too have made it a couple of times, so to mix it with Brymor ice cream seemed almost natural.

We arrived at 10am and enjoyed a nice coffee whilst waiting for the others to arrive, before continuing on for a tour of the factory (including the 2 freezers (at -18 and -30 degrees). This was followed by a couple of hours of actually making our ice cream - crumbling the cheese, breaking up the biscuits and deciding the ratios. Really, we could have done with more cheese (which ended up being our downfall) but we used what we could, mixed it all in, and waited. It was a good chance to chat with all the other very friendly participants too... as we watched each other make a horrible mess as the ice cream came out of the mixing-cooling-machiney-thing and into our tubs.

After a quick lunch back in the main cafe whilst the ice creams all set, we came to the judging. I was impressed with all the flavours but especially liked mine (of course!) and the 'crunchy peanut butter with a chocolate swirl' by Jayne Brown... which, it seemed, the judges agreed with too. Unfortunately for me, I ended up coming second due to that lack of cheese, but the winner certainly was tasty and well deserved.

It looks as though there's a good chance my ice cream will become a more permanent feature anyway though... so keep an eye out for it in the near future and let me know what you think!

So... a grand day out, lots of very friendly people and some marvelous new ice creams. What more could you want from a wet Friday in Wensleydale?