2015 Calendars!

12th September 2014
I've been fortunate enough to come to a deal to produce two calendars this year! I'll be doing the York calendar and also a more personal Northern Landscape Calendar. They will be A4 in size but open out to A3.

Both can be bought RIGHT HERE - with discounts available for bulk orders.

The prices are significantly less than last year but rely on your help to make this possible in the future - hopefully expanding and lowering costs further!

A small preview of the covers and monthly images are as follows. Please, order early as this allows me time to collect numbers and order in bulk - I will ship all calendars by early December at the latest.

If you're a local shop and would like to discuss stocking this calendar - please just drop me a message using the contact form on this website - I'm always on the look out for potential partners.

Real Life Samples

The Northern Landscape:

York 2015: